Have a great weekend!

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Counting down the days till the semester is over. I'll be there soon. If I've learned anything from this semester it's to never set up such an impossible schedule for myself again. This has been a decent week. Spring is here! Well where I'm located you wouldn't notice, but nonetheless I'm looking forward to warmer days. Ups and downs but I suppose that's the way life is supposed to be. No clue what I was thinking when I set myself up for two full weekends of work...I'm crazy person what can I say. I'm looking forward to getting out town and getting some fresh air in my system. I feel as if I need a cleansing. I'm caught up on most of my work as well as my prime-time TV shows...go me! I'm looking forward to shopping and a phone upgrade in these upcoming weeks. I really want a nice bag. Preferably with a splash color. Any suggestions?

What are your weekend plans? Whatever you do, have fun!



  1. hey girl! register your blog with bloglovin (it's free) GFC is going away in July so a lot of bloggers will be reading blogs through bloglovin. i want to keep up with your posts. Hang in there with school. I use to have semesters like that and they were killer. hahaha enjoy your time off for the easter break.


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