A**Hole lips: Regrettable Trend or Serious Statement?

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It all started long, long ago, with the beginnings of brown lipstick making a comeback. Once a 90's staple, makeup trends in 2014 went from dark reds and plums to dark brick reds, eventually to browns of all shades and colors, until the company Limecrime (subject to much discrimination and ridicule for tons of sketchy business packages, like taking other's products and rebranding them as their own, among other things...) created their liquid lipstick in "Cashmere".

An interesting pinky brown color, reminiscent of the Kylie Jenner pout everyone is craving this year, Cashmere's popularity has soared. Constantly sold out on the website and being clamored for from all over the world, Lime Crime's actual crimes are often forgotten in the favor of getting this often-mentioned but never-replicated shade.

Now this post is clearly not a brand endorsement of Lime Crime. Why, then, am I dedicating an entire blog post to one color of one type of one brand of lipstick?

I have two words for you: asshole lips.

That's right. Asshole lips.

From Lime Crime's instagram.

Can't unsee.

A different brand's recreation, but asshole lips nonetheless.

Bold lips have made a comeback that would rival Taylor Swift. We've smoothly transitioned from summer neons to fall bolds, and even black lipstick is normal now. Colors and metallics are beginning to rear their heads, making even green lipstick socially acceptable, MOM. But are lips in shades of brown too reminiscent of human anatomy to work as a trend? Or can all of us Makeup Addicts screw the haters and do it anyway? I know I will, the second I find a good dupe from another company. Your move, drugstore!

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