Have a great weekend!

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Hello summertime! This weather is off the chain. I wouldn't mind it if I had working AC in my bedroom....but of course that'd be too much like right. The building that I live in has yet another problem so the entire one side of the building is without AC in the master bedrooms. The living room is good though, but who wants a couch when you have a full size bed waiting for you. 90 degree weather all weekend isn't helping too much either. Anyways I have some room redecorating in store soon so I can't wait to get started on that. I work all this weekend so there's no bad-movie watching for me. I was so disappointed in Beautiful Creatures. I saw it last weekend....to me, all of the important aspects of the book, that make the book were left out of the movie and replaced with I'm not sure what. Keep a look out for my rating within the next couple of weeks.

Any exciting weekend plans? Whatever you do, have fun!



  1. Wow + your gonna just love the news I have about the work that's beginning next week (love meaning despise) Wye

  2. That's a shame the air doesn't work! Is that even legal? Girl, get you a portable ac or oscillating tower fan so you can get some circulation. Have a great weekend doll.


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