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Glee is all new tonight with its season finale, "Goodbye". I hate to think that it is goodbye to my favorite McKinley students. Graduation is finally here, and "McKinley High's class of 2012 looks to the past and present, while contemplating their futures" (SpoilerTV).

We finally get to see who's staying Lima and who's moving on. And just to remind you Gleeks, the seniors are not Artie, Joe, Blaine, Sugar, Sam, Rory or Tina. I'm so sad because my favorite characters are the mainly the seniors. And personally, there isn't really Glee without Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), so this should be interesting to see how the finale plays out. The songs tonight are, "Roots Before Branches" (Room For Two), "Not The End" (The So Manys), "Glory Days" (Bruce Springsteen), "I'll Remember" (Madonna), "Forever Young" (Rod Stewart), "You Get What You Give" (New Radicals), and "In My Life" (The Beatles). Glee will not be airing at it's usual time tonight. It will be airing at 9pm on FOX, and for it's fourth season, it looks like the show will be moving to Thursdays at 9pm, according to FOX's new fall schedule.

Glee: The Graduation Album, which is available in stores and on iTunes now features exclusive tracks, not heard in the show: "I Was Here" (Beyoncé) and "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" (Green Day). Below I've posted "I Was Here", sung by Rachel. I'm a bit upset that I don't get to hear my favorite ladies' vocals (Santana and Mercedes), but thinking about it, it makes sense that it is sung by Rachel's character. The song is her, in a way. Enjoy! And tune it tonight at 9pm!

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  1. Sounds like you are really going to miss the seniors. I watched the finale last night and thought it was pretty good, but had so many loose ends. But Kurt's dad doing Single Ladies...priceless!

  2. It really did have loose ends! I think a lot of their plot lines go astray, and then weeks later they remind of us of something happening to make it relevant to the new story line. But I love it, so I'm complaining. YES, that was hilarious! I was getting emotional for no reason, but I thought it was a decent "Goodbye" to end the season with.


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