Countdown to Halloween

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I think this year, I'll be watching the original to see how it compares to the remake with Ryan Reynolds. I will add I liked this version too. Again, nothing really scares me as of late. Every storyline has been re-done. Paranormal Activity 4? Uh, puh-leeaze.


  1. Bianca, you are good girl! Because everything scares me. HaHaHa I still can't watch the Exorcist. I didn't know they were going to remake this. They seem to be remaking and recycling everything lately. Have a great weekend girl!

  2. This is actually an old remake, it came out in 2007 I think...?


  3. Darn I can't see the picture + my link is broken + but you know I love horror + so I know your talking about The Amityville Horror + and you know cable is the best time for Halloween even The Hub will be showing Goosebumps Marathons + and we have enough scary movies to have a marathon of my own + but it just wouldn't be right if we didn't include the The Bat + and the House on Haunted Hill + I just ordered more Midnight Madness horror movies from Amazon. I can't wait.....

  4. How RUDE...your ordered yourself some DVD's but none for me...I plan on getting the Screams actually...



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