Monday Style: My Fav + Fall Into The Gap

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So long summer! 

The Gap is still my favorite store. To me it's simplicity at its best which best matches my cute n' simple style.

Gap gives some nice pointers on staying casual and cute with sweatshirt chic. I love grey colors every now then when I'm not feeling too colorful.

With their terry and cotton fleece sweatshirts (SOFT!) you can layer it up with anything. Even throw in some soft colors.
Plaited open-front cardi : $59.95
Broken-in straight khakis: $19.99-$49.95

 With their soft, structured jackets in the palest grey, you can throw prints into the mix. Go stripes!
French Terry Peacoat: $98.00
Striped arch logo top: $29.95
1969 original fit salvage jeans: $89.95
Scrunch flats: $44.95

Work-ready dress is the perfect terry for weekend outings.
1969 over-sized pocket jacket: $69.95
French Terry Dress: $49.95

 And my favorite look: turning lounge into casual with a preppy top and glam heels.
Well for me, not so much the heels part.
Exclusive Gap + Clu Sweatpants: $69.95

Yes, I know everyone doesn't have $60 dollars to blow on a sweater, a jacket, and pants each. Hec, I don't even that's why I shop at their Outlet. The alternative is checking out a Ross, TJ Maxx or Marshalls or any other place you like to buy clothes at a cheaper price. You might be surprised at what you find. Don't forget your local thrift and consignment shops! But if you think $60 is NBD, then you can go for it! And as far as the jeans go, if you don't care for Gap jeans---and they're pricey may I add--stick to your favorite denim.  

Source: All images via Gap

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