Have a great weekend!

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What a week this has been. I will say, I wouldn't of been able to get through it without my loving and helpful mother. LOVE YA! Again, I have another free Saturday so I'll be enjoying it. Things are starting to look up on the financial end with paying for school, so maybe everything else will too. I'm waiting for this new school to feel like home. Over time, I know it will. Antywho, I'll be going to the park this weekend to get some video footage for an assignment for my Visual Literacy class...we shall see how that goes. 

What are your weekend plans? Whatever you do, have fun! 



  1. I hope your new school feels like home in no time!

  2. Things are going to turn around for you. Problems only last for awhile. Nothing ever remains the same. Remember that! I've got tons of stuff to do. Need to get some fall decorations and start the closet clean out project.

  3. I told you + we can work it out + nothing is too big or to small + that I can't help + so all good things in time + remember you have to earn it + no one is going to hand you anything + and in the end + it will be worth it.



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