Music Tuesday: Featured Artist + Ariana Grande

Known for her role as Cat on the Nickelodeon show Victorious, Ariana Grande, actress and singer is turning heads in the music scene. Grande made her acting debut in 2008 in the Broadway show 13 and two years later began her role on Victorious. Earlier this year when Victorious ended, Grande reprised her role as cat in the iCarly & Victorious spinoff, Sam & Cat, which aired a month ago on Nick.

Now, enough about her career on Nick, anyone who's watched an episode of Victorious or listened to any of the soundtrack should know that 20-year-old Ariana Grande has got some lungs! She is well on her way to becoming another pop songstress with killer vocals. In March, she released her first single "The Way" featuring Mac Miller which moved its way up the Top 40 charts. The music video even got her recognized on BET's 106 & Park Live show. "The Way" serves as the first single off of her upcoming debut album Yours Truly set be released September 3, this year.

Ariana Grande's vocals have amazing range, belting out in soprano with ease and hitting us with a whistle register comparable to Mariah Carey's. The instant I heard "The Way" I fell in love with it and it has become one of my summer jams. And it only gets better as the singer has just released her second single "Baby I". I get 90s vibes listening to it and this is quickly becoming one of my favs to listen to. She's coming to my area for a concert next month and I'm hoping that I can go. I will definitely be buying her album come September...ooh! Bday present for me!

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the music video to "The Way" below. The last I read, Grande was shooting the music video for "Baby I". I'm sure it won't be long before the video is released.

You can buy "Baby I" & "The Way" on iTunes now!


  1. She's an amazing young talent. She's beautiful too!

    1. She's definitely my new favorite young artist that's current now.


  2. Up until recently I had only heard this song on the radio. I just saw the video on YouTube a few days ago and had no idea it was her. Both her and Mac sound different than they look. Really like the song though!

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