Monday Style: Summer Nail Trends

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When it comes to nails, I'm pretty simple. Fun, bright colors and then I alternate between them and an occasional grey. That's mainly because I can't do any of the fun designs all by myself and I don't have the cash flow to be going into a salon every couple of weeks or so to get them done. With summer coming our way in roughly three weeks (sure feels like it's already here), here are some fun nail ideas brought to you by Lucky.

"Neutral nail polish shades are what you wear when you need a break from brights, or when you simply want to accentuate your natural nail color, right? Not this season. From a velvet-textured slate to a robust taupe, these neutrals most definitely stand out."

Summer Polish + Neutrals

Punchy Reds
"We love how a hint of orange gives the classic shade a zesty, energized finish."
Summer Polish + Reds

Chalky Pastels
"If you left a rainbow tie-dye shirt outside to fade in the sun, the shirt's colors would end up looking a whole lot like what you see here—more understated than neons, but stronger than your typical Easter-egg  hues, with an antique-like tinge."
Summer Polish + Pastels

Mermaid Hues
"The commitment-free alternative to mermaid hair, these dreamy, aquatic-inspired shades (with creamy or pearlized finishes) are a surefire way to make a splash this summer."
Summer Polish + Mermaid Hues

Matchy Glitters
"Layering a complementary, chunky glitter over your base color is the secret to concealing beach-inflicted chips and prolonging your manicure during the summer months."
Summer Polish + Matchy Glitters

Berry Purples
"Purple nail polish can run the risk of looking juvenile, but shift into berry territory, and the shade suddenly grows up, while remaining fun and feminine."
Summer Polish + Berry Purples

Desert Hues
"When the sun sets in the desert, an array of colors—from fiery orange to dusty blue—sweep across the sky, making the sand sparkle. The color palette is almost as mesmerizing on your nails."
Summer Polish + Desert Hues

Source: Lucky 

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