Wednesday Buzz: Raven-Symoné next co-host of The View

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Wednesday morning Whoopi Goldberg announced that Raven-Symoné will be the next permanent co-host of The View. 

Apparently, many viewers have been expecting this news for some time. Raven even admitted that she was surprised to get the official announcement.

The former Cheetah Girls start told E! News "I learned two seconds before that I didn't get to come out first like I normally did so right then, I was a little flustered and then I came out and they had my song on and then I broke it down like it was hot, but then I had this really short skirt on" (E!).

Jokes aside, I'm sure this newest addition to The View is causing a lot of buzz. In the past, every time that Raven has voiced her opinion on an issue she's been quick to receive backlash--particularly from the black community. I'm specifically talking about the instance where people thought she didn't identify herself as African American or when she said that she didn't believe that Harriet Tubman should be on American currency, and would prefer a more current face (Rosa Parks). What some may call strange or silly, I think she gives a refreshing perspective.

Raven is ready to share her truth with audiences daily. "I definitely have a different lifestyle than a lot of people in this world—good and bad—and my views are different than one might think my views might be because I've never really spoken my truth until recently," she told E! News. "Hopefully I can shed some light on what I like to call the truth. Some people might not agree with me and some people will but we know how to talk to each other in a respectful way so that everybody gets their point across and there's no cutthroat conversation" (E!).

We shouldn't be expecting any off-screen drama between the co-hosts either. Raven loves the fact that she can express her viewpoints and disagree with her co-hosts, and that they can move on.

Well, what do you think of the newest addition to The View? Love it or hate it?

Source: E!

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