Friday Night Movie: Dream House


"As Will Atenton (Craig) and his family relocate to a quaint New England town, they soon learn that a mother and her two children were murdered in the same residence. While most everyone thinks the killer is the husband who survived the incident, Will works with a local woman (Watts) to piece together an even more disturbing puzzle." (IMDb)

"Ooooooh!", was my reaction after watching the trailer. Ah, Daniel Craig aka Bond in a mystery/thriller flick. This looks like an eery film, just what I like. Granted it's the same ol tale. Family movies into home;people have died there; or were brutally killed;now the spirits are haunting the house;or wants someones soul from the house--but not really. It has a bit of a twist to it, judging by the trailer. I like twists, as long as they're very unexpected. In addition to the dashing Daniel Craig, the movie also stars some lovely ladies, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz (Hey, they're all from England!). All in all, I want to see this. We all know in a couple of weeks, the commercials are probably going to wear the trailer out, like they do for every movie. Hopefully it won't ruin my anticipation to see the film because it looks like this is gonna be a good one!

I shall definitely be making an attempt to see this. Hopefully, my next "Friday Night Movie" that I see lives up to it's hype, much unlike Colombiana. I'm not going to go into too much detail, but I will say I was pretty disappointed by the film. I felt the storyline was kind of off, and I guess compared to all the "guns a blazing" action flicks I've seen, it just didn't live up to that standard. Zoe Saldana's character was the femme fatale of the movie and I liked certain characteristics of the role she played, but I felt it could of been so much better. Definitely not on my "baddest" list with Salt. I really want to see Contagion though, so hopefully it won't disappoint.

Anyways, Dream House comes to theaters September 30th. Take a look at the trailer.

Source: IMDb


  1. I saw this preview, but I'm not sure if I wanna see it.


  2. Oh please, if you can watch that awful movie Insidious, then you can watch this.



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