Monday Style: B'DAY

It's MAH BIRTHDAY WEEK!! Yup, I'm giving myself a whole week. I mean, it is the big 20! I also got that whole Beyoncé/"Virgoan" thing going on. Me and the "Queen B" have a lot in common don't we? Her Birthday is only two days before mine, were both talented Virgos...although my vocals won't ever come close to hers, hey it's a start.

Antywho, I'll probably be decked out in my favorite color, PINK, this Wednesday for my Birthday. No solid plans have been made yet, but I know I want a cake, or cupcakes. And if no one buys one for me, I'll be buying a big ol' one just for myself. NOM, NOM, NOM :)

Birthday Pink


  1. Happy Birthday, dear.Great chooise for it. I'm also virgo ( 15th September).


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