Have a marvelous weekend!

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I's coming home!! Finally I get to come home to my mama and babies--not literal babies--my evil but lovable cats. Very late birthday festivities with my mom (BIG cupcakes, movie marathons, catching up) to be had. I'm very excited. Although I call my mom like everyday I still miss her. Anyways no actual plans have been made. And I've been working like crazy this week to make sure I don't have homework during my trip home (not that it'd get done normally), and I've done it. I'm homework free--temporarily. So this means, a lot of Sims playing, hanging out with friends, and cracking jokes with the madre is in queue, and I can't wait. I'm just in a very good mood. This has been generally a good (but hectic) week for me.

So let the black and white movie watching commence!

Tienen un fin de semana fantástico!


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