Gossip Wednesday: Angelina Jolie is CRAY CRAY

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Angelina Jolie
Even though Angelina Jolie has tried to change her image, she’s “just as strange as ever,” reveals In Touch, which reports she’s “fascinated by blood” and even keeps her children’s discarded Band-Aids. The mag also says Jolie “locks the kids in bedrooms” while she goes out to get drunk. For Jolie’s other “disturbing obsessions,” and what Brad Pitt’s doing to curb them, visit Gossip Cop.

HAHAHAH---woops, I almost got carried away with my laughter there.

I sure do hope these gossip posts for today have given you a good laugh. Cause that's certainly what they did for me. It's so sad, that we can't talk about all the good. There has to be scandal. Hec, I think It'd be much more refreshing to read praises made by these magazines versus love triangles, and how celebrities are spiraling out of control. Hey, that's life. If it was your neighbor down the block, you wouldn't really care now would you?

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  1. People want to redeem themselves by reading something scandalous about others...didn't ya know.



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