¡No Me Digas! "Community" in danger of cancellation?

Fans of the NBC comedy, Community can relax...for now. The show has not be cancelled. However, NBC recently released it's mid-season schedule, and Community appears to have been shelved. They are replacing the show's time-slot with 30 Rock, in January. E! has it that sources close to the show say that they are a little nervous that they've been pulled of the schedule, but are just going to patiently wait until NBC finds them a time-slot.

Okay, if your a huge fan of this show like I am, then you should be highly disappointed. I'm thinking this has something to do with ratings. Maybe the show isn't bringing in high enough ratings for TV's "Sweep Week". Not only that but, whatever else happens to come on during this time on other networks, is definitely beating it out. It's a shame. Community is a really great show, and I really hope it doesn't get cancelled. They need to do some definite arranging in their scheduling to make space for this. Hopefully this "Sweeps Week", the show will get a better turn out. If your a fan, make sure to tune in this Thursday at 8pm on NBC.

Source: E!


  1. I know your very upset about this + we know it's your favorite show.


  2. I know! NBC needs to get it together!



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