Have a great weekend!

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So close I can taste it! So much on my plate but I'm thinking of the sweet reward that is the end of the semester. This has been a hectic week what with everything going on in the news including the Boston bombing. I send my prayers to the city and to loved ones of those lost at the marathon. 

Lots of studying this weekend and paper writing. I can't believe we're zooming through April! I want to start planning my summer out soon. Weekend getaways, visits to friends and a huge to-do list of things I never got to during the school year....ah Beautiful Creatures I'll finish you someday, haha. Any exciting weekend plans?

Whatever you do this weekend, have fun!



  1. nothing exciting here. glad this week is ova! hahaha a frustrating one for me. relaxation for me this weekend.

  2. Study hard now and party harder later, dear!
    Can't wait for the summer either, it seems like a never ending winter this year!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours


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