Music Tuesday: Jam of the Day

Esperanza Spalding: "Radio Song"
                                Source: via Bianca on Pinterest

Jazz musician Esperanza Spalding first caught my attention about a year ago when my mom showed me a live performance on PBS. Since then I've been hooked. I absolutely adore Esperanza. Her music is melodic, sending you a journey every time you put on your headphones. She's a multi-instrumentalist who's been playing and writing music since she was a child. I was so inspired by her music that I even did a presentation on her in my Women in Music course I took last spring.

Her latest album Radio Music Society is the newest to my CD collection. Yes, I actually bought the physical CD because I love her music that much. There are a couple of artists that I still do that for. I saw another performance of hers a couple of weekends ago on PBS where I first heard the song, "Radio Song" from her most recent album. Every time this song comes on my playlist, it puts me in such a positive mood. I can't help but singing along...just like Esperanza mentions in the song, "Even though you never heard it, you keep singing it wrong. This song will keep you groovin'". YES!

"This song's the one". Check out "Radio Song" below. Enjoy!


  1. I just watch this yesterday while trying upload my music playlist to blogger, with no luck - there's some kinda bug with this system....

    "and if you want to sing it loud, with love, with love in your heart, because we like to -- because we neeeed tooooo..."

  2. Hey Bianca, how are you darling?
    Thank you for your comment, I only see you on Bloglovin (i followed you back on Bloglovin #2). Do you mind following on GFC as well? :)
    Please let me know, and ill be happy to follow right back on GFC as well!

    1. No problem :) following you as well :)

  3. She's really good! She did a private performance at the white house during president obama's first term.


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