Friday Night Movie: Celeste and Jesse Forever

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"A divorcing couple tries to maintain their friendship while they both pursue other people." (IMDb)

Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones star as two best friends going through a divorce. There's a pretty decent premise of the movie already established. I think the pair will do well in this indie film. I can even see it going mainstream. However, IMDb notes that the film is very similar to (500) Days of Summer, in fact it's said to be "essentially" the same film "if you reversed the gender roles and stripped it of its unique direction and spot-on relationship insight" (IMDb). I enjoyed (500) Days of Summer and personally love the two leading actors from that film, so hopefully Celeste and Jesse Forever won't disappoint and come with more originality. Maybe it will live up to it's potential and with Rashida Jones co-writing the screenplay, I think it'll be a little different. I like watching indie films and the fact that it's a romantic comedy doesn't change my desire to see the film.

Celeste and Jesse Forever
hits theaters August 3rd. Check out the trailer below. What do you think?

Source: IMDb

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