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And she's done it again.


So those were just a few of the many questions on my mind and many other fans of the Beyhive these past couple weeks. Let me explain.

A few weeks ago, Beyoncé released a trailer for a special presentation to be aired on HBO titled Lemonade. The teaser trailer was only about one minute long and viewers could hear only hints of what was a potential new song in the background set to vague imagery. Basically no one knew what it was. I only knew that an album had to be coming soon.

The HBO special Lemonade aired this past Saturday (April 23) and immediately social media blew up. The same night that the special aired, Beyoncé dropped her second visual album titled appropriately, Lemonade. 

And just how were so many people able to view the special? Well there was some free preview/promotional deal going on where viewers could gain access to HBO's programming. I was fortunate enough to have it recorded on my DVR. But enough about me. This isn't about me. This is about BEYONCÉ.

The album was exclusively released to TIDAL. So I'm sure the music streaming service saw a spike in new members, all thanks to Bey. I was under the impression that the album would be released through TIDAL first and then in June it would be released through iTunes. Well, THANK GOD I was wrong. For $17.99 you can buy Lemonade in it's entirety through iTunes, and after May 6, on Amazon.

I just finished watching the visual album and I'm in awe of Beyonce's artistry. Truly. It is unlike anything I've seen from her. I think a lot of people weren't expecting this from her and that's a good thing. I'm even going to go as far and say that it's her best work yet. Cinematically, it's beautiful. We all know how talented she is, how well she can perform, and that she always brings the hits, but this is on a whole other level and something different. It's a stunning and powerful piece of work that deserves to be laid out in a film format. It has #blackgirlmagic all over it! Seriously...let's talk about those cameos!

The project includes 12 new tracks (including Formation) as well as the hour-long Lemonade film. The album also features The Weeknd, Jack White, James Blake and Kendrick Lamar. This album is everything I wanted and more. Beyoncé has never been more on point. #BeyoncéMAGIC.

I can't wait to buy the album. Thirst officially quenched.

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