¡No Me Digas! Gossip Wednesday: Beyoncé faking pregancy?

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Source:  hollywoodreporter.com
And I thought the rumors couldn't get any crazier than this. After an interview with Australia's Sunday Night HD, the video was posted online and became all the buzz. The video showed what appeared to be a very much pregnant Beyoncé, that is until she sat down and it looked as if her bump deflated. As soon as the video was put into slow-motion and re-edited for the world to see, the rumors began. I even heard a discussion on the radio at work yesterday morning. Some say, she has a surrogate delivering the baby, and she's been sporting a fake baby bump for publicity. 

Come on now. Really though? People never have anything nice to say. A woman with such high status, like Beyoncé can't just be happy and pregnant, there has to be some sort of conspiracy behind it. I think that's just ridiculous. Bringing another life into this world is no joke. I'm so happy for Beyoncé and Jay-Z. That child is going to be ridiculously talented. 

Back to the rumor. For further clarification, Beyoncé's publicist was quick to knock down these crazy theories. She told E! news and other sites that suggest she's wearing a prosthetic/fake baby bump are "foolish". That "Uh oh" expression on B's face as she sat down, wasn't because she was "caught". Hello, there is a human being inside her. Getting up and down, carrying all that weight, I'm sure isn't those most comfortable thing in the world.

On a positive note, this interview did inform us that the Queen B is due in February. I still can't get over how quick all these rumors spread. Just think, if there weren't celebrites, what would people have to talk about?

Source: E!

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  1. Too funny + they just need to leave that gal alone...



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