¡No Me Digas! Zachary Quinto on Coming Out

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This was a definite surprise to me. But no judgement making here. The Star Trek and former Heroes star Zachary Quinto has recieved a lot of support since he recently came out as a gay man. The actor told E!, "I feel really grateful. It's been an incredibly overwhelming experience for me, but all in a really positive way and I'm processing it as I'm going through it."

I think things like this are always awesome. It takes a very brave person to actually come out and show the world who they really are. I would of never known, if I hadn't read about it. Granted, I haven't celeb-stalked him like I've done others.

"I'm just grateful to be able to participate in conversations more authentically now and to be able to stand up on behalf of people that aren't quite ready to stand up on their own and give them whatever shred of light or hope in a real sea of darkness", he said about this revelation. "It's a gift that I've been given to pass forward, and it's an honor. And with honor comes responsibility and challenge, and I've just done what I can to face it every step of the way."

Look at that, the "bad guy", has become a hero of his own. I also find it interesting to think about where this will take him as far as his acting goes. Because, not every gay actor is type-casted, but usually most gay characters on TV and film are very flamboyant, and out there. So this will be interesting to see where his career goes from here. Good luck to you Zachary!

Source: E!

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