¡No Me Digas! Gossip Wednesday: Justin Timberlake a Diva?


According to OK! Justin Timberlake is a "nightmare in hotels". The singer/actor is said to be a "germaphobe who demands that air-conditioning filters be changed upon his arrival and all doorknobs disinfected every two hours". Wow, taking things to the extreme don't you think? Never would of thought Timberlake would have been so high-maintenance. OK! Also reports that wherever he stays, he books the entire floor, and forbids hotel staff to address him, under any circumstances. Now they sort of had me with germaphobe, but forbidding anyone to speak to him? I'm not sure I believe this. Then again, it's not called "Gossip Wednesday" for no reason. What do you think?

Source: Omg!


  1. I think he needs to go to Target, get himself a family-sized can of Lysol, and have several seats cuz he is doing THEEE MOST!

  2. HAHA! Brittany! That's what I'm saying. I really hope this is untrue.



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