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This is been a pretty tiring week with work and class going on. Sadly, the last day of my acting class is next week. I'm going to miss that class. Hopefully we'll keep in touch. Anyways, this weekend I'll be working and coming home exhausted. But on the bright side I should have pay day to look forward to soon. My free movie tickets finally came in the mail which means my mom and I can go maybe next weekend. Still have no clue what we're going to see. I've heard mixed reviews about Snow White and The Huntsman and there isn't much else out that I'm interested in seeing. Oh well, there's still time to figure that out.

Antywho, what are your weekend plans? However you spend it, have fun!


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  1. Yea, I'm looking forward to the weekend! As far as your movie tickets go, I would hold off and use them to see some of the movies that haven' come out yet like: Magic Mike, Amazing Spiderman, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Dark Knight Rises. Some great movies still to come.

    As far as movies go, this weekend is a wash.


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