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What a week. This weather is insane. Waiting out in the hot, scorching sun for 45 minutes is not cool. Anyways, the week is over and I have a little change to spend....I have to remind myself not to go crazy. Man, this working at a consignment shop thing is harder than I thought. Not the work, but forcing yourself not to buy anything. Anyways, I have work this weekend and then I'll be doing some very light shopping (gotta pay the bills). This week was the last week of my acting class. It was a blast and I felt like I've learned a lot from my instructor. And I'm happy to say I've made some new friends from it. But this weekend, I'll be putting my feet up and relaxing. I'll see if I can hang for a movie night, but after work I just can't seem to stay up, I'm drained. I'm hoping to make a trip to Richmond one of these weekends. I miss by bestie. What are your weekend plans? (Movies, parties, dinner?)

Antywho, whatever you do this weekend have fun, and stay cool!


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