Have a great weekend!

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I'm really excited for the new year. I feel bigger and better things coming my way. I'll work harder dream bigger and strive to accomplish the impossible. Any ways I'm ready to get this first year over with. I'm not too happy with the course load I've signed myself up for so I'm sure there's a lot of complaining underway. I've enjoyed this break even though I've done absolutely nothing. I've enjoyed the company of family and spent time with my closest friends so I guess that's all that matters. I look forward to a peaceful last week of break before the chaos begins. I've decided on seeing Django Unchained, I just have to figure out when that will be. Any exciting weekend plans?

Antywho, whatever you do, enjoy!



  1. take one day at a time! good luck in your coursework. i have some housecleaning to do. hahaha


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