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Keke Palmer is a well known actress having starred in numerous films (Akeelah and the Bee, Brotherly Love, Madea's Family Reunion), TV shows (True Jackson VP, Masters of Sex, Scream Queens), and let's not forget the 22-year old has recently showed off her musical theatre skills with FOX's Grease Live!

Ever since her Disney Channel debut in 2007 with Jump In! (how can you forget that classic?), Keke has graced us with her singing skills by bringing us R&B/Pop fused songs. You're telling me you didn't know she could sing as well? From her debut album Uncool ("Bottoms Up" was my jimmy jam joint!), to 2012's "Dance Alone" and "You Got Me" to 2013's "Work Like You Love Me" to 2014's "Animal", Keke has been releasing non-stop!

Now I will say, none of those said singles did anything for me, nor did they make a big enough splash in the music scene. The girl is committed and determined to putting out a steady track and I think she's getting closer. Late last year Keke Palmer signed with Island Records to begin working on her second album. She also released a buzz single "I Don't Blame You" to give us a taste of what's to come. The buzz single was definitely urban-meets-pop and shows that the singer is all grown up.

This past Friday, Keke Palmer released a new grown 'n sexy single titled "Enemiez" featuring Jeremih. All the Disney stars gotta grow up at some point, right? As the song opens you already know it's gonna be a straightforward sex-driven groove.
     "Bite my tongue it never felt so bad/keep wanting you to cross that line", Keke croons over a finger-snapping, strutting beat. The urban-leaning track finds Keke trading verses with Jeremih, "I want you to lust for me/ And if we’re just friends I’d rather be your enemy/ So we can do all the things you’re holding back from me/ So let’s be enemies (yeah)", the duo sings.

I ain't mad at you girl. You do you.

Now this music video shows a seductive side of Keke and proves that she is quite the triple threat with dance sequences throughout. I'm not 100% sold on the video, it almost feels like something out the past. Meaning, the video concept, her look, everything about it brings back a time where you actually watched music videos (Man, I miss my 90s-2000s R&B!). Dare I say the clip is reminiscent of a Michael Jackson video where an altercation leads to a full out dance'll have to watch for yourselves.

You can also Buy Keke Palmer's new single "Enemiez" featuring Jeremih on iTunes now!

Thirsty for more? Check out Keke Palmer doing choreo to "Work" by Rihanna...that video needs a whole post dedicated to itself. Why, do you ask? Haha, just peep this

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