The B-Side Is Back...No, Really This Time

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If Beyoncé can take a hiatus, so can we.

There are numerous amounts of excuses that we could make up, but at a certain point you've just got to graduate from college, you know? That's right, The B-Side's bloggers Bianca & Alina have graduated (American University alums!) and are being catapulted into the real world.

We've missed sharing with you our reactions to the juiciest stories, hottest music, and all the red carpet looks from this past awards season. On a serious tip, I've missed this. I've missed a week of styleboards, sharing my thoughts on music, talking about upcoming flicks and the classic "Have a great weekend!" post. Don't worry, with this re-launch there will be much more of that, but there are a few small changes in the works. 

I’m so excited for what's in store. Lot's of changes await The B-Side, bear with us as we (slowly but surely) get our lives together.

So here's playing catch up with me: AU 2015 BA Musical Theatre + Full Time at Current Boutique + Lots of TV watching + Lots of reading + getting off my a** and doing something about that degree I just earned and my acting career + demo reel in the works--say what?!

And my girl Alina? –  "I’m working 9-5 now, so it seems like I’ve finally gotten away from restaurants for the forseeable future (thank whatever higher power you can for that miracle)! Weekends are so horribly, unfortunately short and I finally get why Garfield hated Mondays so much. I’ve been DYING to talk about all the celeb drama that’s been going down, as well as all your style and beauty needs (WHAT is the DEAL with color correcting??? More at 8). I, too, have been doing lots of tv watching, not as much book reading as I’d like."

We're determined to bring you even better content and to get back to the things we love—writing for you!

Here's to a productive and amazing week!

-B & A

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