Wednesday Buzz: Kim Kardashian Twitter Feud

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Kim Kardashian + Pink + Amber Rose + Via E!

ICYMI, Kim posted a censored nude selfie and the twittersphere decided to post their opinions on whether or not she should have put it online.

First off, Bette Midler (yes, THAT Bette Midler) threw her hat into the game by making a (super solid) joke about Kim's sex tape. "If Kim wants us to see a part of her we've never seen, she's gonna have to swallow the camera" (TV Guide). Not everyone has the same sense of humor a Kim fired right back with a tweet "I really didn't want to bring up how you sent me a gift awhile back trying to be a fake friend then come at me #dejavu". Kim also called out the fact the Midler is old and something about it being "past her bedtime".

If that wasn't enough, just about everyone else and their mom began to stir the pot. Young starlet Chloe Graze Moretz got into it somehow with comments about women's bodies. And Kim went after her too claiming no one knows who she is. Miley Cyrus (yup, it keeps getting better) attempted to make peace on instagram with a KIMOJI of Kim's butt and said "Dear women, you ALL are acting tacky AF!". Woah, Miley. is she supposed to be helping the situation? Moving on.

Pink got into it and attacked Kim, saying that we're worth more than our bodies, etc. (although with Kim Kardashian, I'd wager her body makes up a good chunk of her worth. Not judging. Just honestly estimating.)

Ariel Winter stood up for Kim, preaching as she does. For those of you who don't know, Ariel Winter has long been an advocate against body-shaming, because her boobs were massive in her teen years and she ended up getting a reduction. She has proudly showed her scars on red carpets, openly discusses her operation, and does this all at just barely 18, after growing up with a money-hungry mom who tried to steal all her Modern Family dough.

But in an unexpected twist...AMBER ROSE JOINS THE DISCUSSION


Amber Rose has been a real icon for me this year. For those of you don't know, she wrote a book called "How to Be a Bad Bitch" and it's basically been my bible for 2016. Anyways, not only did Amber make a post defending Kim from Pink, she also called out Pink for her classism. How come it's okay for Pink to twist around on a rope wearing barely anything for a show, but Kim can't post a bathroom pic without being a bad mom and reducing her self worth? #bambuhdamdam

Anyways, clapbacks all around. Happy #InternationalWomensDay!

Sources: TV Guide, E!

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