Monday Style: VMA Black Carpet

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Last night the 2011 Video Music Awards hosted by MTV aired last night. It was definitely a star studded event. I didn't care too much on who exactly won the awards. I just watched for all the awesome performances, and to catch glimpses of my favorite celebrities. 

Below are just a glimpse of the stars all studded out. For more fashion photos from the 2011 VMA's, visit MTV's website, here.

Here are some looks that I thought were just stunning. My favorite look by far is by my girl B (Beyoncé).

Victoria Justice
Selena Gomez

Zoe Saldana

Demi Lovato

Beyoncé Knowles

I'm pretty sure everybody and their mama knows by now, but just to put it out there again. Beyoncé is pregnant!! Radiant as ever in this long, one shouldered gown. Probably besides style, this was the most exciting news of the evening. Can I just say, she delivered an AMAZING performance of "Love on Top", from her album 4. I shall be posting the video tomorrow. I don't understand how she does it, she's definitely the "Queen B", at what she does and always puts on an amazing performance. Beyoncé wowed me with her vocals with that performance. And congrats to the soon to be mama! I'd never thought I'd see the day. I'm more amazed at how she hid this until now. I must say that is perfect timing. It just goes to show, you can have somewhat of a private life, while remaining on top.  That would explain why Jay-Z was looking extra happy last night. Everyone knows that I love me some Beyoncé so this was big news to me, and I couldn't wait till the Wednesday buzz. It would of been old news by then!

Source: Celeb-Gossip

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  1. wow..!! really imagine fashion show. "Beyoncé Knowles" is looking so much hot and pretty.



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