Wednesday Buzz: A New and Improved Kristen Stewart

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According to E!, sources from Kristen Stewart's latest production, Snow White and the Huntsman, tell us our beloved Twilight actress is a getting a makeover. Not just for her new character in the upcoming movie, but apparently it's an internal makeover.

Snow White insiders tell us, "You know how she's always kind of dug her shoulders in, looked a little like she's digging her teeth? Well, she is now so different. Those shoulders are back, sister, and she is proud! It's a nice change from her past roles". This sounds so exciting.

We know Twilight obsessed fans can't get enough of Stewart as Bella Swan, but I'm ready to see a change. I loved the classic tale as a child of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but this newer version will be a taking a much more darker twist to the story. It's gonna be awesome to see Kristen kick ass in Snow White. Instead of being saved, she'll be doing the savin'.

And sources say everything is going great on set. "She's doing great, having a really great time filming", E! sources say about the film that began filming last Monday. This should be interesting. I'll definitely wanna see this one.

Let the countdown till the movie release commence!

Source: E!

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